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Musically themed artworks by Tracey Roberts

The rich, vibrant, musically-themed pieces in the series of artworks below reflect the way Tracey synesthetically interprets the sounds of musical instruments and emotional reactions to music, both figuratively and in abstracted form.  She also explores music reflected in natural landscapes and various other contexts including world events.   To view or purchase the full-sized artworks, please click on any of the images below.

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Latest Artwork

Tracey Roberts - violing
Tracey Roberts - ghost
Tracey Roberts - wisdom

We close our eyes and hear it, breathe it, drink it in and see its colours.
It operates on a cellular level – we feel its emotion within every fibre of our being – magically transporting us into a higher, often euphoric state of consciousness.

Such is the power of music.

Tracey Roberts - Transcendence
Tracey Roberts - Endoplasm
Tracey Roberts - Endoplasm
Tracey Roberts - Endoplasm

Artesyn We all know what we went through in 2020 - 2022.  As a musician, my industry was decimated - music events, gigs and festivals all stopped - so I found some creative solace in producing art which expressed the feelings we all experienced in such a strange Covid-ravaged world.  Isolation, loneliness, complete inertia, the scattered confusion and finding beauty in the little things.

Tracey Roberts - Covidity
Tracey Roberts - Covidity
Tracey Roberts - Covidity
Tracey Roberts - Covidity
Tracey Roberts - Covidity
Tracey Roberts - Covidity
Tracey Roberts - Covidity
Tracey Roberts - Covidity
Tracey Roberts - Covidity
Tracey Roberts - Covidity


I have always loved having fresh flowers in my home, especially poppies.  There’s something about watching the vibrant colours of their delicate petals pushing through the ripening buds as they announce with a pop: “I’ve arrived!”.  They simply bring me enormous pleasure!


The first piece below, entitled "From Seed to Symphony" morphed into an idea to create a musical garden as part of the Dome Gallery experience for people visiting my studio.  This joyful, quirky "gardening project" in turn inspired me to create a series of artworks (also as a sepia series) where music starts by planting a seed represented by a single musical note.  A collection of notes becomes rooted into the earth to grow into musical instrument plants which fill the air with their melodious sounds, energies and rhythms.

Tracey Roberts - FSTS
Tracey-Roberts Brass Bowl
Tracey Roberts - Soil Serpent
Tracey Roberts - Bouzouki Onions


Tracey Roberts - The Sound Garden
Tracey Roberts - French Horn Birdbath
Tracey Roberts - BouzoukiOnions
Tracey Roberts - Treble Clef
Tracey Roberts - Bass Clef
Tracey Roberts - FluteForest
Tracey Roberts - Guitar-plants
Tracey Roberts - DrumKit scrub
Tracey Roberts - C Clef plant
Tracey Roberts - Cello plant
Tracey Roberts -Piano plant
Tracey Roberts -Harp plant

* Sepia artworks are available as unlimited prints.

Themed Artwork...

Tracey Roberts - Trace-Roberts Peace on Earth
Tracey Roberts - The Last Post
Tracey Roberts - Alchemusica
Tracey Roberts - Clef-Dependence
Tracey Roberts -Regeneration-in-Am
Tracey Roberts - The-Discovery
Tracey Roberts - Trust-and-Fly


Soundscape: - meaning "a sound or combination of sounds that forms or arises from an immersive environment.  The study of soundscape is the subject of acoustic ecology." … Wikipedia

After such a positive reaction to the MusicAustralis series it seemed a natural progression to delve into embedding musical instruments into world landscapes generally.  We are often intrigued by familiar objects placed in conflicting or impossible contexts so this series is an exploration into the resulting interpretations and metaphors created by these artworks and also expanding upon the concept of immersing music into everyday imagery.

Tracey Roberts - Trace-Roberts Peace on Earth
Tracey Roberts - The Last Post
Tracey Roberts - Trace-Roberts Peace on Earth
Tracey Roberts - The Last Post


Australis: Latin.  meaning "southern" … Oxford Dictionary

This third series of work came after a six month tour around Australia in 2012 and is particularly inspired by the LACK of sound in the Australian outback (apart from a cacophony of birdsong at dawn and dusk).   The question became "How can I see music in silence?".   The answer came through visualising musical instruments and musical shapes within nature, then the sound and internal colours followed.

Tracey Roberts Ivory-Coast
Tracey Roberts ROCK
Tracey Roberts Woodwind
Tracey Roberts Within
Tracey Roberts Wave-sounds
Tracey Roberts Dusk


Orchestrations:   This series depicting orchestral instruments was inspired by the 2014 Dandenong Ranges Open Studios piece "The Baton" and also by the opportunity to perform with the Nicholas Chamber Orchestra as part of the 2014 Classical Tracks Concert Series. 

Tracey Roberts Cello-Sentinels
Tracey Roberts The-Baton
Tracey Roberts Double-Double-Bass
Tracey Roberts Three-French-Horns
Tracey RobertsDefiance
Tracey Roberts Violinism


Immersion: state of being deeply engaged or involved: absorption …

This second body of work delves into more abstract interpretations of music and what it is to be a musician.  The depth and almost 3 dimensional effect in the more abstract pieces reflects the headspace of my music-colour synesthesia.


Resonance: continuing to echo, resounding, tending to prolong sounds, especially by vibration … Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary (4th Edition)

My first series of synesthesia-inspired artwork is a collection of artistic interpretations of the various effects created by different genres of music as well as the colours and shapes elicited by the sounds of particular musical instruments.

All full-colour pieces are original hand-drawn and digitally stylised limited edition prints, and are hand signed and numbered by the artist.  They are available in different sizes and printed on archive quality fine art stock (paper or canvas) and a signed, numbered Certificate of Authenticity accompanies every print. 

Each print purchased (framed or unframed) includes one of the artist’s CDs, Shades of Blue, LIVE at the LARK or Parallel Universe.

Commissioned work is also available.  


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