Fine Art by Tracey Roberts


'Natures Dawn Service'

Tracey Roberts © 2020

120mm x 170mm (1/10)
300mm x 200mm (3/25)
420mm x 280mm (3/25)
600mm x 400mm (1/10)
1050mm x 700mm (1/10)

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Artist's Statement

On the morning of Anzac Day in 2020 I stood on my balcony by myself to ponder what freedom means in the midst of the Covid-19 Pandemic. I watched the sky lighten and cotton wool bands of pink appear between the trees. It was peaceful but not silent. There was an orchestra of birds, I heard a dog bark and the cackling of a few chooks. Who would have thought that WW3 would feel as strange and beautiful as this – fighting in isolation within the comfort of our homes against an enemy we cannot see.


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