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Tracey has music-colour synesthesia - an involuntarily co-joining of senses where she sees colours and shapes when listening to, creating and performing music – which she happily and effectively uses to create her artworks and her songs.

Beautifully executed and full of movement and meaning” - Miriam Arbus, Director/Curator, Brunswick Street Gallery

When I look at Tracey's art I feel as if I am diving into magic. Artwork of this nature is powerful and healing. It reminds me of the beauty and gifts that are alive and surrounding me through sounds, colour and shapes – environment, human and beyond.” - Simone Fitzgerald, fashion designer

Tracey's gift of capturing the essence of each musician as they play their instrument is extraordinary! I felt that I was right there in the concert experience of each instrument as they strutted their stuff. Her work is expressive, creative and stunningly artistic. Only a musician such as Tracey could understand the 'feel' of each musician captured in her artwork.” - Cath Connelly, Harpist

The full catalogue of limited edition artworks and greeting cards are available to purchase.
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She also does commissioned pieces (ie. personalised one-off artworks) called Your Story in Art .

Artist biography

Tracey Roberts is a contemporary visual and performing artist, an established singer-songwriter musician, who enjoys a rare and wonderful neurological condition called synesthesia, where one sense involuntarily invokes another. In her case, she sees colours and shapes whilst listening to, performing and creating music and her artwork is a reflection of the way she internally visualises different genres of music, certain musical instruments, emotions around music and related musical themes.

Her artistic style has evolved over several years from figurative interpretations to using more abstract elements reflecting a headspace, to combining musical instruments and symbols within natural landscapes. Most of her works are limited edition prints from original, hand-drawn illustrations which have been digitally embellished to create richly intense and complex interpretations of all things musical. More recently she has been exploring acrylics.

Tracey’s work is distinctively renowned for her sensuous, musical themes using strong, saturated colours and the "energy" shapes she calls "crystalism". To share her experience of synesthesia, which for Roberts means seeing colours and shapes when she hears music, the artist often presents a special musical performance as part of her art exhibitions where she "sings her pictures". The audience gets a glimpse into the brain of a music-colour synesthete via music, lyrics and explanations about the artwork surrounding the artist in her performing space. It's colourful, intriguing, very musical and lots of fun.

Through her own diverse journey as a musician and performer, and with over 20 years of experience in the music arena, Tracey Roberts' images are imbued with an acute understanding of music, the music business and all that stems from the relationship between musicians and their instruments of choice. Many of her exhibitions include a musical performance, which is, of course, intrinsically part of her work.

She regularly exhibits her work and for the last 10 years has participated in the annual Dandenong Ranges Open Studios event held in Autumn each year.

Her studio is also open by appointment ‐ please call to make an arrangement.

Artist statement

“As a performing artist and music-colour synesthete, I have always been fascinated by the intoxicating and diverse colours, imagery, emotions and effects connected to music. They inspire me with visual ideas which can be sketched anywhere, often in cafes or at music festivals where I also write songs. So my work has an organic basis and I then I revel in the discovery of creating those indefinable shapes and colours in my head, using technology.

The 3-D effect people often remark upon occurs because I'm reflecting a "head space" or atmosphere. I also enjoy the process of exploring the intriguing concept of "seeing what you hear" and "hearing what you see." ‐ Tracey Roberts 2015


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